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Data Center End-of-Life Solutions

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Information security and IT asset disposition are frequently governed by specific laws and regulations that dictate the proper sanitization and disposal of end-of-life media.

HDD Data Destruction

Physical destruction is the premier option for destroying data on magnetic media, of which there are two methods: crushing and shredding.

SSD Data Destruction

Because SSDs store vast amounts of data on small flash memory chips, each and every chip must be damaged or destroyed during end-of-life disposition.

The SITES Difference

For over 50 years, the SITES team has been the driving force behind document and data destruction innovations that are now considered industry best practices.

Built on More Than 50 Years of Excellence

For over 50 years, SEM has been the undisputed leader in data elimination for classified and highly sensitive information, providing high security data destruction devices to the United States federal government and its subsidiaries. Today, we build upon that standard of excellence by supplying the military, intelligence, and federal law enforcement communities including the FBI, DoD, CIA, and Department of Securities and Exchanges with unparalleled machines that shred, disintegrate, destroy, and sanitize the highest levels of classified data stored on every type of media.

Recognizing the demand for a wider range of data destruction options in the commercial environment, SEM introduced SITES to the commercial marketplace. The SITES line offers the most comprehensive and fully customizable solutions for every type of media, placing strong emphasis on serving the unique requirements of the data center worldwide. The trusted partner for technology storage infrastructure leaders, SITES’ strives to educate clients and recommend custom solutions that satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements of any information security program — from NIST standards to HIPAA regulations to the most stringent requirements of the National Security agency (NSA). SITES products are proudly manufactured in the USA in Westborough, MA.


Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field to prevent access to data on magnetic storage media.



Hard drive crushers use powerful force applied to the drive chassis to buckle and pierce it, damaging the internal platters and read/write heads and rendering the drive inoperable.



Hard drive shredders operate the same way as paper shredders but with larger, more rugged cutting heads. Drives entering the cutting mechanism are literally ripped to shreds.



Solid state media disintegrators use proven rotary knife mill technology to continuously cut media into particles small enough to pass through a specific sizing screen.