Visiting Us — What to Expect

7:23 pm Heidi White

Visiting Us — What to Expect

SITES is the commercial divison of
Security Engineered Machinery (SEM)

  • Tour of SEM’s manufacturing facility
  • Hands-on with SEM equipment
  • Evaluate the equipment based on your requirements and needs first-hand
  • Bring your samples for destruction and leave with end-product
  • Destruction samples with engineered, validated results available
  • See advanced prototypes (requires NDA)
  • Factory training with certification – varies by product (range one to three days)
  • Meet the SEM teams: Customer Service, In-House Service Technicians, Traffic,
    Engineering, Manufacturing, and Assembly
  • Strategy and planning session with SEM management
  • Marketing collaboration discussion (if needed)
  • Experience the competitive differentiation
  • Understand SEM integrity and history
  • Meet our original founder

About SITES:

  • SITES, as a division of Security Engineered Machinery (SEM), understands the importance of destroying edata and other devices at the NSA evaluated level for over 50 years
  • SEM is the largest supplier of IT asset destruction equipment to the federal government and US military inclusive of every American embassy throughout the world
  • Focused on building end-of-life engineered solutions that are customized and aligned to technology clients’ needs in the data center and beyond
  • SITES enables clients to maintain control of assets throughout the entire destruction process using in-house equipment engineered for specific media being destroyed
  • Made in the USA in Westborough MA
  • Privately held

Laura Milewski, Director of Commercial Sales & Strategic Accounts
SITES, a division of Security Engineered Machinery
5 Walkup Drive, PO Box 1045
Westborough, MA  01581
508-366-1488 x1024
Mobile 774-249-5464

Airports: Logan International, Boston, MA and TF Green, Providence, RI

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