Data Center End-of-Life Solutions

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Data Center End-of-Life Solutions

As the demand for cloud-based data storage grows, data centers are being built at a rapid rate, with their servers continuously writing and overwriting data onto increasingly dense hard drives. As a result, data centers are constantly removing and replacing hard drives as they fail. But what do you do with the old drives?

The safest, most secure methodology for sensitive end-of-life asset disposal is in-house, on-site drive destruction. Mobile providers introduce too many external factors, increasing risk and in turn, liability. Fortunately, cost-effective solutions exist that readily meet the strictest regulatory, health, safety, and environmental requirements, as well as accommodate today’s more rugged enterprise drives and ever-increasing drive volume.

For over 50 years, the SITES team has been the driving force behind document and data destruction innovations that are now considered industry best practices. From the world’s first disintegrator to the industry’s most successful line of electronic media crushers and shredders — and the only touchscreen, dual-voltage, NSA Listed degausser — SITES enjoys a reputation for innovation earned from a firm commitment to engineering, design, and product manufacturing.

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