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Degaussing is the term used to sanitize or erase data from magnetic media. Electromechanical degaussing utilizes a build-up of electrical energy to create a magnetic field. When the electricity reaches the necessary level, it is discharged to the drive and data is removed from the magnetic surface.

  • Degaussing is effective for hard drives, floppy disks, computer backup tapes, audio tapes, video tapes/cassettes, and reel-to-reel tape.
  • Degaussing is not effective for solid state hard drives, optical media (CDs and DVDs, thumb drives, or compact flash. For these items, consider a solid state hard drive shredder or disintegrator.

The MMD-1000HS Magnetic Media Degausser has been evaluated by the NSA and is listed on the NSA EPL for High Security Degaussers. It is also NIST compliant and is available with CE Marking.

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