HDD Shredders

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HDD Shredders

Hard drive shredders use heavy-duty sawtooth cutters to literally rip drives to shreds. Standard models produce a waste shred that is 1.5″ wide by random lengths. After drives have been shredded, the resulting pile of mangled metal is beyond all normal recovery means. These high-volume shredders have throughput capacities ranging from approximately 500 drives per hour to over 3,500 drives per hour.  If an application requires smaller particle sizes, we can configure the equipment to produce particles in 1.0″, 0.75″, or even 0.375″ sizes.

All SITES hard drive shredders are noted on the NSA EPL for Hard Drive Destruction Devices as an approved solution for the deformation of magnetic hard drive platters when used in conjunction with a NSA Listed degausser, such as SITES Model MMD1000-HS. They also meet NIST guidelines and are available with CE Marking.

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iWitness Media Tracking


Works seamlessly with SITES’ degaussers and hard drive destroyers, providing audit-proof documentation of hard drive destruction.

  • MMD-1000HS
    HDD Shredders High Security NSA Listed Degausser From $18,699 Description This high security NSA listed degausser has an extremely high magnetic field strength. At 2.0 tesla/20,000 gauss, it produces a magnetic field equal to or greater than what the NSA recommends to sanitize...
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