HDD/SSD Combo Shredders

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HDD/SSD Combo Shredders

With the ever-changing landscape of storage media technology, choosing the appropriate type of shredder can be a daunting task. To address this dilemma and provide an all-inclusive solution, SITES has introduced a new HDD/SSD combo line of shredders that feature dual cutting heads and feed slots for use with both rotational magnetic hard drives and solid state media. Destruction throughput capacities up to 1,500 SSDs and 3,500 HDDs per hour are available.

SITES HDD/SSD Combo Shredders have been evaluated by the NSA and are noted on the NSA EPL for Hard Drive Destruction Devices as an approved solution for the deformation of magnetic hard drive platters when used in conjunction with a NSA Listed degausser, such as SITES Model MMD1000-HS. They also meet NIST guidelines and are available with CE Marking.

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