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SITES is the undisputed industry leader in shredder technology for the destruction of both rotational hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs).

Hard drive shredders use heavy-duty sawtooth cutters to literally rip drives to shreds. Standard models produce a waste shred that is 1.5″ wide by random lengths. After drives have been shredded, the resulting pile of mangled metal is beyond all normal recovery means. These high-volume shredders have throughput capacities ranging from approximately 500 drives per hour to over 3,500 drives per hour.  If an application requires smaller particle sizes, we can configure the equipment to produce particles in 1.0″, 0.75″, or even 0.375″ sizes. All SITES hard drive shredders have been evaluated by the NSA and are listed on the NSA EPL for Hard Drive Destruction Devices. They also meet NIST guidelines and are available with CE Marking.

SITES solid state hard drive shredders are built with the same technology as our rotational hard drive shredders, but they produce a much smaller 0.375” particle size. The smaller particle size is necessary due to the density with which solid state drives store data on small chips. To effectively destroy all data, each and every chip must be damaged. Therefore, shredders that produce a particle size larger than 0.375” allow some chips to escape the shredder undamaged, leaving them intact data vulnerable to theft. Throughput capacities on our five base SSD shredder models range from approximately 250 drives per hour up to 1,500 drives per hour. All SITES SSD shredders meet NIST guidelines and are available with CE Marking.

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